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Expecting a baby or taking care of a newborn?

During the beautiful journey of pregnancy or while caring for your precious newborn, you might experience various skin changes due to hormonal fluctuations. These changes may manifest as breakouts, dryness, or pigmentation concerns, alongside that lovely pregnancy glow.

However, finding safe and effective treatments and products can be a bit challenging. That's where Skin Magic by AM steps in to lend a helping hand to mothers-to-be. We offer a selection of specially curated products and treatments designed to nurture your skin and enhance your natural radiance. Importantly, our products and services are not only effective but also safe for both you and your baby.

Ohh Baby...

Skin Magic By Am is all about celebrating the joys of motherhood and making your self-care journey as magical as possible. We warmly welcome all babies and understand the unique needs of both mothers and their little ones. As a mother herself, Am is not only an expert in skincare but also a devoted mom who comprehends the significance of creating a soothing, safe environment for both mums and their babies.

Mum & Bubs Welcome

  1. We welcome all babies and understand mums' needs with baby friendly facilities nappy change area bottle warming facilities and pram access 

  2. Abbey is skin care expert and baby whisperer pro! 

  3. Enjoy treatments and self-care in a nurturing space with helping hands of love if bub needs a cuddle when enjoying your treatment time.

Did you know?

Parental self-compassion and self-care have a strong influence on child development. Parents who are kind to themselves and take time to relax and recharge have better health and wellbeing, are more confident in their parenting, and have more positive interactions with their children.

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